Sanssouci, Potsdam, Germany. 

"Sans souci" means without worries or without cares. Even being watched over by a hundred classical figures of the ancient Gods, their silhouettes framing a silent army against the sky, that’s how being here makes you feel.   


Some words, like dogs, take after their masters

Moon. The word is slow and round

A hologram in sound

Of the thing it was born to name

Oo. Pushing through pursed lips like a bubble

Or two smoke rings glowing white

And dissipating

On this night 

I learned - fingers and eyes skyward

That the portuguese word for her

Is Lua. 

Lua. Slow and round -

But no smoke rings to be found

Sunset in Lisbon.

Outtake - Margarida @ Elite Lisbon.


Margarida @ Elite Lisbon.

David Gandy gives me that half-smile.

Photographed during London Collections: Men.

Margarida on the rooftop. 

Model: Margarida @ Elite Lisbon | Photographer: Tania Braukamper

Jourdan Dunn at the Burberry Prorsum show.

Margarida @ Elite Lisbon.